Improve your Quality of Hire
to Save Time and Money


Recruiting Exceptional Talent
for your Competitive Advantage

Talent Wins

In today’s competitive business environment, having the right talent is critical to your success. At TruStar, we work hard to deliver value, meaningful insights and results with integrity. We are committed, every single day, to pushing your company forward to success.

We understand making the impact of each new hire is more important than ever before.

The TruStar Way

We are passionate about helping your business succeed. We strive to understand your business, your culture and, then, develop a customized solution to deliver the results you need – whether it’s serving as a valuable extension of your HR team with our recruiting services or guiding a successful strategic search for an executive-level position.

We partner with companies to provide customized and cost effective recruiting services and talent solutions. We help:

  • Grow your business by finding and attracting the right people for your organization
  • Utilize your HR resources more strategically and efficiently
  • Successfully navigate your strategic talent projects and provide you needed surge capacity
  • Leverage our innovative, efficient best practices to help you find, hire and retain the right talent

Our experienced team is committed to helping your business achieve your goals. We jump in and get to know your business, your culture, your needs. Our experience has proven that this process is the best way to develop and execute the right plan to find, attract, hire and retain the right person to help move your business forward.

  • Recruiting Services

    A seamless extension of your HR team. We share insights and best practices, and develop solutions that recruit and acquire the right talent, positioning you for competitive advantage.

  • Retained Search Solutions

    Value-priced retained search for critical and high-level positions. We leverage recruiting technologies and innovative methods to find, attract, and acquire the right people for only 15% of starting salary, a fraction of the industry standard of 25-30%.