• Case Studies


  • A new business opportunity for the client required the onboarding of several hundred associates in 90 days, ranging from administrative staff to executive leaders.
  • The internal recruitment team was focused on other projects and out of capacity, facilitating the need to use an outside resource.


  • TruStar provided on-demand, integrated service by allocating five recruiters to deliver full-cycle recruitment of all assigned roles.

  • TruStar filled more than 200 positions in the 90-day timeframe.
  • Candidates had a seamless experience through the unified process between the client and TruStar teams.

  • The client’s internal recruitment team was overwhelmed and unable to execute sourcing for hard-to-fill roles.
  • An increase in high volume staffing demand was putting a strain on resources
  • Hiring managers were dissatisfied with the recruiting process and service levels, as well as with the quantity and quality of candidates.


  • TruStar provided the client with an integrated, end-to-end non-exempt and professional recruitment solution across national locations.
  • The TruStar process aligned dedicated recruiters to assigned regions, creating a direct hiring manager partnership between our recruiter and the client.

  • TruStar consistently exceeded the client’s monthly fill rate goal by 28%.
  • TruStar’s sourcing expertise resulted in a decrease in aging of hard-to-fill roles.
  • The initiative drastically improved hiring manager service satisfaction with survey scores exceeding client expectations.
  • TruStar delivered an average time-to-fill rate of 32 days, compared to the client’s prior year’s 46 days.

  • Client needed to fill 250 positions annually.
  • A robust talent funnel of high-quality and diverse candidates was the biggest priority.
  • To support recruiting, the client wanted to develop an effective employee referral program.


  • TruStar sourced quality candidates and passed along the top 4-5 for each position, saving hiring managers significant time.
  • TruStar consulted with the client to refine and communicate a strong vision, core values and positive cultural message to help increase employee referrals.

  • 250 high-quality professionals were hired in the first year.
  • Time-to-fill rates improved by 50%.
  • Employee referrals rose by 40%.
  • TruStar successfully built a talent community for the client to use for future hiring needs.

  • The client needed to fill 800 positions annually.
  • Some positions meant recruiting for specific industry expertise, including 80-100 engineers.
  • The client needed to operate within a strict hiring budget without sacrificing candidate quality.


  • TruStar validated the client’s business objectives—goals, strategic plans and expectations.
  • By assuming the recruitment responsibility, TruStar enabled the client’s internal HR team to focus on other key initiatives critical to setting up the new center.
  • TruStar built a robust talent pipeline, mined passive candidates and then delivered top-notch talent to interview.

  • 800 positions were filled annually.
  • Recruiting costs decreased by 25%.
  • Time-to-fill rates decreased by 34%.
  • Hiring manager satisfaction rate exceeded 90%.


  • The Client’s Talent Acquisition organization was not meeting expectations of the internal client base. Therefore, new executive leadership needed to assess their current TA infrastructure & examine ways to better define processes and determine where gaps existed.
  • The TA function had grown to a significantly higher headcount and cost than comparable, benchmarked medical centers of similar and larger sizes.


  • TruStar leadership went in and assessed the current TA infrastructure by interviewing existing TA members, as well as business unit/hiring leaders.
  • TruStar documented current processes, analyzed gaps in the existing talent model, and built a new talent acquisition model to align more effectively to hiring demands & business needs
  • TruStar delivered recommendations to the client’s executive leadership team along with a proposal on how to train their TA organization to align to the new model


  • TruStar led the search for the selection and placement of a new Talent Acquisition leader.
  • The client implemented recommended processes and rolled out training using our tools and processes. .
  • An internal assessment was conducted on each team member to ensure proper alignment to the new solution.
  • By implementing recommended improvements, the TA organization became a business partner vs. order taker to their business units/hiring leaders.